US accuses Russia of endangering nuclear arms control treaty

Washington, D.C. The Biden administration asserted on Tuesday that Russia’s refusal to permit the restart of on-the-ground inspections poses a threat. To the New START nuclear pact and broader arms control between the United States and Russia.

The State Department released a statement that included a summary of the finding and delivered it to Congress. It comes after months of more upbeat U.S. assessments that, despite rising tensions over Russia’s war on Ukraine. The two nations would be able to salvage cooperation on restricting strategic nuclear weapons.

Because of the coronavirus outbreak in March 2020. Both the United States and Russia suspended their obligations under the New START pact to inspect one other’s military facilities. The last meeting of the U.S.-Russia committee in charge of monitoring treaty compliance was in October 2021.

However, in August 2022, Russia unilaterally ceased its compliance with the treaty’s inspection requirements in retaliation for American support for Ukraine.

The State Department stated on Tuesday that Russia’s unwillingness to assist inspection activities. “Threatens the viability of U.S.-Russian nuclear weapons control” and prohibits the United States from exercising significant treaty rights.

The administration also attributed the failure of the two nations to resume negotiations. As required by the New START treaty to Russia. In August of last year, the Russian Foreign Ministry announced that it had informed the United States that it was temporarily halting the on-site inspections mandated by the treaty.

It stated that Russians were being prevented from conducting their own inspections at American locations. Because of U.S. sanctions enacted in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February 2022. On Tuesday, the State Department refuted claims that it was preventing Russian inspections.

It argued that the United States, its allies, and the entire world depended on U.S.-Russian cooperation to reduce nuclear weapons. Guardrails and clarity are especially crucial during tense situations, according to the State Department.

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