TM, ZTE Malaysia team up to build hybrid cloud 5G core network

KUALA LUMPUR: To create a hybrid cloud 5G core network, Telekom Malaysia Bhd (TM) and ZTE (M) Corp Sdn Bhd have partnered. TM and ZTE Malaysia said in a joint statement yesterday that their strategic partnership will promote innovation and the advancement of cutting-edge technologies for TM’s 5G Core project over the course of the next three years. These technologies include bare metal containers, software-defined networking-based architecture, hardware acceleration, and three-layer decoupling.

Future technologies and applications may be severely impact by the implementation. Which is expected to change and revolutionize how data will be processed and transfered.

As Malaysia’s 5G adoption and ecosystem grow, “developing a high-capacity network will also handle the increased requirement for network bandwidth and speed,” according to the statement.

With the converged network integrated, TM will be better able to serve a variety of industries. Including healthcare, banking, transportation, and education, with seamless connectivity and superior network performance. The development of smart cities, the Internet of Things (IoT), and other next-generation technologies that require quick, low-latency connectivity will also be aided.

The partnership, according to TM Executive Vice President for Mobile Jasmine Lee Sze inn. In a significant step forward for 5G technology in Malaysia. The innovative hybrid cloud 5G core network is expected to completely transform the country’s telecom sector.

With the help of our cutting-edge network and infrastructure. This strategic alliance will provide seamless connectivity and great network performance for 5G-enabled networks, according to the spokesperson.

ZTE Malaysia’s Chief Executive Officer Steven Ge stated that the company is confident that the development of a hybrid cloud 5G core network will serve as the template for future networks. The ZTE is a leading provider of information and communication technology solutions globally.

ZTE is dedicated to this partnership. Which will make Malaysia one of the first nations in the region to roll out its 5G network, the executive said.

Ariel Antonio

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