Reliance, Google to delay India smartphone launch

Reliance Industries which is an Indian conglomerate delayed the launch of a low-cost smartphone. Which they were developing with Google in November. They cited the issue of industry-wide semiconductor shortage. Reliance telecom arm and Google developed the ultra-affordable smartphone. They planned to launch it on September 10. 

COVID-19 pandemic shifts to remote working drove. The companies started to face the massive semiconductor shortage and tackling with this issue. It is demanded as a critical component that is used in making laptops and phones. Several automakers have also suspended production as a fallout. So, both the companies started testing JioPhone and are actively working on it. To make it actively available in time for the Diwali festive season. Jio said so in an exchange filing on Thursday.

This year, the annual festive season in India is expected to last for thirty days starting at the beginning of October and ending with Diwali on November 4. During this period, Indians usually make big-ticket purchases from jewellery to cars and electronic gadgets. Jio also added further that this additional time will help to mitigate the industry-wide global semi-conductor shortage. The Reliance Chairman, Mukesh Ambani announced in June that they will launch the most affordable smartphone. Which will not only confine till India but will also be launched as affordable worldwide. 

Jio disrupted this idea and launched with cut-price data plans and free voice services as India’s telecom market in 2016. It forced several competitors out of the market. And is now India’s biggest mobile carrier having more than 425 million customers. Ambani also said in June that Jio is the one that counts Facebook, Qualcomm and Intel was confident of being the first one to launch five G services in India. 

Muhammad Asim