Amazon is known as the king of e-commerce. It offers great potential for international trade through its online selling stores. Many countries (102) are registered in Amazon’s seller’s list. Who had the right to show their products to International clients for sale? Unfortunately, since Amazon has been operating online. Pakistan was not added to the seller’s listing on Amazon. Pakistan’s online trade faced a huge setback last year. When PayPal denies the news regarding operations in Pakistan.

This year 2021, Amazon brought opportunities and selling potential to Pakistani sellers by adding them to the seller’s list. This will at least boost the international trade online and bring job opportunities and revenue to Pakistan through online selling. Pakistan has always been known for its high-quality and culturally rich products. These products are sold expensively in international markets as compared to the local markets. Therefore Pakistan can now enjoy huge investment and profit margins for the sellers and investors through Amazon.

This opportunity does not only bring profits and growth potentials to Pakistan. But it also brings a lot of responsibility as now Pakistani sellers will be representing their country internationally. The government is working closely with the State Bank of Pakistan to develop payment methods. That is acceptable by Amazon so that all businesses and entrepreneurs can join hands with Amazon.

Amazon has not flourished out of the blue. It has its quality controls and terms and conditions that need to be met for successful selling on the platform. Currently, Pakistani entrepreneurs and business schools are focusing on seminars and webinars. That can help raise awareness of this new selling potential. If in small business and women entrepreneurs are welcomed by Amazon to show their talent and products online. Being the leading manufacturer of many export quality products, Pakistan can benefit immensely from this new opportunity.


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